Summery salad at the end of November!

PureNoodles garlic shrimps
PureNoodles garlic shrimps
The November Salad

It was 10° outside and felt like spring. I just felt like now I have to do something colourful and light for dinner.  I had already Pure Noodles by Pure Pasta at home so I decided to do this salad even more lighter and healthier 🙂

I turned on some “happy music” that is what I call the type of music you sing along to and started cutting down the ingredients and peeling the shrimps.  Yeap I bought these nice large shrimps that you must peel, they taste so much more and better in my opinion. Anyhow this was supposed to be a wonderful dish so I had to use wonderful ingredients 😉

The salad with garlic shrimps and noodles just turned out amazingly!   And for a short while there was no stress, even though Christmas is just around the corner, only bliss and sunshine.  🙂

This is how my summery salad dish turned out